Premium Surfaces is introduced

HanStone® Quartz Surfaces 

HanStone® Quartz combines cutting-edge technology with natural elements to produce premium quartz surfacing. Its luster, beauty and resistance to everyday wear are exceptional benefits we’ve engineered into this remarkable product. When compared to other surfacing materials, HanStone Quartz offers extreme durability while being resistant to bacteria due to its non-porous nature. HanStone is perfect for kitchen and bathroom countertops, tabletops, and many other applications in commercial and residential environments such as vertical application on walls. Thanks in part to its resistance to bacteria compared to porous natural stone surfaces, our products attained well known safety and environmental certificates and declarations in America and Europe, such as NSF, Greenguard for indoor air quality and HPD (Health Product Declaration).

HanStone Quartz uses one of nature’s hardest minerals, quartz, to produce this beautiful surface. Our design and production teams scour the earth to discover the variety of sizes and colors of quartz crystals needed to enhance the natural beauty of quartz to create new and inspiring designs. Different from granite and other types of natural stone, HanStone Quartz is nonporous and does not need to be sealed. Additionally, HanStone Quartz is more durable than granite and is resistant to staining, heat and scratching. HanStone Quartz earned an NSF51 food safety certification from NSF International, a global, independent standards organization. HanStone also has a Health Product Declaration (HPD), a standard specification for the accurate, reliable and consistent reporting of product contents and associated health information, for products used in the built environment. 

As such, HanStone Quartz has become a leading choice of premium quartz surfacing for discerning homeowners, building owners and design & construction professionals around the world. Our products are widely used in the kitchen and bathroom countertops and in commercial buildings such as shopping malls, healthcare facilities, office buildings, banks, hotels, restaurants and more.

Hanex® Solid Surfaces

Hanex Solid Surfaces has become one of the leading surfacing solutions used in commercial and residential environments due to its beautiful appearance, durability, and variety of designs and colors that work seamlessly with any decor.

Hanex Solid Surfaces is made with a combination of acrylic resin and natural materials. It is also easy to thermoform and curve by professional fabricators and can be cut at the jobsite.

The impermeability of Hanex Solid Surfaces makes it the ideal surfacing material for use in environments that require sanitary conditions, such as kitchens, hospitals, labs, playrooms, schools and common areas. Hanex has achieved many environmental certificates and specifications in America and Europe, such as Greenguard for indoor air quality; NSF51 food safety certification from NSF International, a global, independent standards organization; and a Health Product Declaration (HPD), a standard specification for the accurate, reliable and consistent reporting of product contents and associated health information, for products used in the built environment. 

Hanex® Solid Surfaces offers exceptional design flexibility and creates uncommon visual impact in any commercial area such as hospitals, banks, restaurants, hotels or offices. Furthermore, Hanex is used widely in a variety of vertical wall applications in commercial settings like elevators, hallways and other commercial areas. Hanex is often used vertically for shower walls and accent areas in residential and commercial applications as well.

Introduction of the Hangrit System

Deco Film

Hyundai L&C decorative film leads in design by offering many colors and textures, and providing a third dimension. Based on the production technology of unique eco-friendly materials PP, PET, PVC and others, HYUNDAI L&C produces eco-friendly furniture and Bodaq decorative film, Bodaq Deco, Ecoloid PVC, and Annshine used in shipping and glass-film such as GlassWin. Hyundai L&C continually strives for customer satisfaction. 

Introduction to Bodaq

As a product attaining certifications for eco-friendly interior environmental decorative materials, Bodaq decorative film can help ensure a safe and healthy interior environment. The products use high-end paste and daub technology. We use nanophase ceramics as raw materials in an effort to reduce the occurrence of fading and reduce the signs of wear. 
Badaq uses special adhesive backing which makes it easy to construct and reduces the time to finish it. It is an eco-friendly and efficient interior decorative material. Badaq has earned the certificate of fire protection from Korea Fire Industry Technical Institute. Its excellent fire protection and safety achieves consumers'high satisfaction and trust.
Bodaq strives to be a leader of creating lifestyle spaces and has the value of protecting both people and environment. It is a perfect surface decorative film.

Introduction to Bodaq Deco

Bodaq Deco decorative film is made from PET and holds the certificate for Global Recycled Standard in Korea, and offers diverse advanced textures and colors based on consumer preferences.
Hyundai L&C decorative film adds design effects and abundant textures to the surface for furniture, helping create the perfect space. Bodaq Deco is mainly used in home appliances, furniture, door blank, parapet wall and so on.
⦁ Features wood grain, stone, marble, metal, solid, highlight, matt and other textures and designs.
⦁ The Bodaq Deco LEVEL is higher than 85 and the matt level less than 5.
⦁ PET is harder than other materials (PVC, PP), and the surface is smoother.
⦁ Bodaq Deco a reliable eco-friendly decorative material which passes the regulation of European Union REACH (REACH is the strictest European environmental regulations).

Flooring is introduced

Residential flooring

With the health of consumers and their families as our highest consideration, Hyundai L&C produces eco-friendly residential flooring. Our flooring is tailored to how a space will be used. Additionally, our flooring is made with safe and high-quality materials to maximize the enjoyment and longevity of the design. Hyundai L&C flooring is the ultimate combination of high performance and attractive design. The flooring uses high purity PVC overlayer through the special treatment UV to enhance the intensity of the surface. The resistance to scratching and indentation are top priorities. Therefore, it is a semi-permanent product especially suitable for the floor heating environment so that people can feel comfortable. (I don’t understand this sentence). The flooring is colorful, easy to clean and resistant to bacteria.

Residential flooring series


Commercial flooring 

Hyundai L&C flooring is an economical and practical flooring material with both functional and decorative features. It has a unique design style with flexible color combinations, suitable for all types of spaces. The surface of the subfloor is coated with Ever Clean purifying material, which has strong anti-odor properties. After the UV treatment, the surface of the material can maintain smoothness and is easy to clean. It is an economical and convenient environmental protection floor.

Commercial flooring series 

Gold Tile/ Deluxe Tile/ Novia/ Smart/ Crescendo/ Gloria/ Deluxe Glod Tile/ Ecosafe Stonia

Introduction of the Hangrit System

Hyundai L&C's new 3D aluminum plate not only offers various designs, but also offers fire protection properties and is water resistant and protects against the growth of bacteria. With the quick advanced fitting system, we can achieve a clean installation to offer consumers a green space.

The 3D aluminum panel offers multiple design options. The special technology shows the natural textures to which can integrate seamlessly with a variety of interior styles. 

The 3D aluminum substrate is made of metal. The surfaces are covered by Hyundai L&C decorative film. It achieves the overall A2 fire protection criteria. At the same time, it resists water and moisture and is easy to clean. Hangrit works well in virtually any climate including humid ones.