Hyundai L&C will invest 47.3 billion won to expand its Hanai Quartz production line

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Hyundai L&C will invest 47.3 billion won to expand its Hanai Quartz production line
Invest No.4 hannai quartz stone production and contract with Italy Breton Company about purchase.
It will be put into production in the first half year of 2020. The total output, which includes the original production lines in South Korea and Canana, is 2.2 million square meters per year.

Hyundai L&C decided to expand the production scale of quartz plate. The company originally owned 1 production line in South Korea and 2 production lines in Canada. Now the new production line is located in Sejong special city, the administrative capital of Korea.
Hannai quartz stone is a high-end decorative stone which uses 90 percent of quartz stone as raw materials. Compared with artificial stones made of synthetic resin, Hannai quartz stone has many advantages. It is hard to be scratched and damaged and has low water absorption, pollution resistance so that it is easy to clean. Hannai stone is widely used in cabinets,mesa, the ground and other indoor decoration fields.

Hyundai L&C company began to produce quartz plate in 2004, Hannai quartz stone has become the first choice of high-end stone materials in Korea.
Hyundai L&C Company is under the South Korean Hyundai Department Store Group. The company officially announced that on July 5 it will invest 473 billion won in the expansion of the fourth stone production line. The construction of the new plant, located in Sejong, South Korea's administrative capital, began in the middle of this month and will begin mass production in the first half of 2022.

After the new plant gets into production, the output of Hannai quartz stone in South Korea will reach 1.1 million square meters per year. Together with the factory No.2 and No.3 production line’s output, the total output is 2.2 million square meters per year, Hyundai will become the world's fourth largest quartz stone manufacturer.

Therefore, Hyundai L&C has made a contract with Italy Breton Company about a production equipment procurement. The company is the original designer of quartz stone production technology. With the core patent technology, its advanced production equipment has also become the global high-end quartz stone enterprises’ measure standard.

The fourth production line, which will be introduced this time, is equipped with robot operation equipment on the basis of fully automated process, which can produce the patterns and textures of exquisite natural marble. It is currently the most advanced production technology in the world. The company staff explained that because of the application of robot equipment, Hannai quartz stone will show the natural stone’s pattern. There is also a breakthrough in product specifications, with the production of ultra-wide products ( 3,300mm × 1,650mm ) and a 28% increase in veneer area over the conventional product ( 3,050mm × 1,400mm ).

At the same time, Hyundai L&C will also upgrade its Canadian factory production line to increase the proportion of high-end products from 35 percent to 50 percent, by adding robotic operating equipment and improving product's competitiveness. 
Cui Guihuan, Executive Director of the Decorative Stone Business Department, said that the global demand for quartz stone big board increases by more than 10 % every year. This investment has laid a foundation for the company to enter into the world's top three artificial stone production enterprises. The company will continue to make greater efforts in innovation, improving product’s differentiation, constantly exploring new markets, and then expanding the proportion of exports.