Hyundai L&C 2020 third quarter product introduction meeting

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In order to meet market demand and help better communicate products to industry designers, the "Thirdquarter Product Introduction Conference of 2020" organised by Hyundai Comprehensive Building Materials (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is held in beautiful Qingdao. The mountains and the sky are connected, and the green mountains and blue sky reflect the colourful city.

Speaker :(Mr. Jiang Yibin, Deputy Director of Decoration Department of China)

Hyundai L&C is a comprehensive architectural decoration material enterprise owned by Hyundai Department Store Group of South Korea and one of the largest building materials manufacturers in South Korea. Based on the original, high-value technology and innovation business platform accumulated over the past half century, Hyundai L&C focusses on the research and development of environmental protection, energy-saving and new building materials, aiming to provide customers around the world with functions, quality and designs that meet the industry's high standards of architectural decoration materials.

In addition, meet the higher quality of life in urban construction space by providing customers with diversified business structures and solutions.

Speaker :(Mr. Jiang Yibin, Deputy Director of Decoration Department of China)

Mr. Jiang Yibin, deputy director of modern L&C decoration department, can be said to be the best in the building materials industry. He knows a lot of material knowledge. This time, he will bring us different interpretations of three products: Hyundai L&C decoration film, stone and wall panels, which can only be briefly explained.

Introduction to Decorative Films

Bodaq platinum multi-back is treated with special adhesive, which is an environmentally friendly product. Have obtained environmental protection certification at home and abroad to improve consumer satisfaction with excellent environmental protection and quality stability.

GlossiaPET membrane has been certified by Global Recycled Standard in South Korea, with a variety of high-quality textures and colours, and has long been loved by customers. Hyundai L&C decoration materials add design effect and rich texture to the surface of furniture with perfect spatial display. The products are mainly used for surface decoration such as household appliances, furniture, door panels, wall panels, etc.

Introduction to Stone

Hyundai L&C Korean resistance engineering quartz is a high-quality environmentally friendly interior decoration material with a purity of 99% natural Quartz (Quartz). Environmentally friendly natural materials with strong durability and safety for bacteria are manufactured in a vacuum. The moisture absorption rate is as low as close to "0", which is easy to prevent and manage living stains.

Hyundai L&C Han Nikeakli has become one of the representatives of commercial stone, with its beautiful appearance, durability, flexible design and diversity of colours. Because it does not leak, it can be used in places with high sanitary requirements, such as kitchens, hospitals, laboratories, playrooms, schools, public lounges and other working areas. So far, the product has obtained various environmental certifications in the United States and Europe, such as NSF, USGBC, SCS, etc., and has also been certified by the NSF for food preparation areas.

<Introduction to Hangrit Wallboard>

Hyundai L&C  Hangrit high-end wall panel customisation service provides brand customisation, hardcover wall panel products, research and development, production and sales.

Customised design, professional production, large-scale fast-wear and standardised services, specialising in providing customers with high-end commercial and home decoration product solutions.

Hyundai L&C Hangrit hardcover wall system - membrane art adopts modern L&C decorative film surface materials Bodaqplatindo and GlossiaPET international high-end decorative film, which truly achieves layer protection. The surface can present rich and colourful material characteristics, not only realistic texture, excellent texture, but also super function.

Speaker :(Zhang Honglei, Manager of the Commercial Engineering Department of China)

Hyundai L&C floor material adopts a high-purity polyvinyl chloride wear-resistant layer, and is specially UV-treated to improve the surface strength, scratch resistance and excellent pressure resistance. It is a semi-permanent product. Especially suitable for the warm environment, comfortable feet, warm colour, antibacterial and antibacterial and clean.

The silicone base of PVC is easy to construct and durable, and has been certified for reassuring genetics. And in terms of functionality, noise reduction, high heat conductivity and excellent heating effect.

It is suitable for any functional space suitable for commercial use in offices, department stores, hospitals, restaurants, public places, etc., and can choose a variety of colours and designs to pave the floor.

Through this brand introduction exchange and sharing activities directly docked with designers, design institutes and other industry personnel, we have established a more efficient interaction between the brand and the design institute, bringing designers the latest products, introducing the most detailed product functions, performance and crafts, and providing the most direct services. Such activities also create opportunities for more information exchange and business cooperation in the future.

At the briefing, the leaders of each module provided designers with detailed answers and introductions to the product size process, new product colour matching, and showed small samples on the spot. Further facilitate designers to select products through physical contact. At the same time, document the needs of designers and provide more comprehensive preparations for the next learning exchange.

Facing the future, Hyundai L&C (Shanghai) will continue to move forward bravely towards our vision with unparallelled confidence and determination: adhere to the core values of independent innovation, sustained growth, business innovation, customer preference, pursuit of win-win core values, and develop high-quality and high-priced building materials from the demand of consumers. Continue to work to improve the happiness and trust of more consumers around the world and strive to become one of the building materials companies trusted by customers around the world.