Company Profile


Hyundai L&C is a comprehensive decorative building materials company that is one of the largest building material manufacturers, with several factories in Korea. Hyundai L&C continues to develop new products based on market demand aiming to provide global consumers building materials to the highest standards that have excellent functionality, quality and design.
In 2020, Hyundai L&C will continue to increase the scale of investment to construct and update its manufacturing facilities and maintain strictly adherence to high-standard quality control. All of our production facilities received the ISO9001 quality certificate and ISO12001 Environment Management System Certification. The corporate culture of Hyundai L&C is to put people first and prioritize human health as the as our highest priority to strengthen the quality of our products and service. In the future, our goal is to be a global leader doing business in every country and become a true international brand. 

Hyundai L&C (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.

Hyundai L&C (Shanghai) was established in January 2009. The main business of Hyundai L&C is providing Chinese consumers with our products produced in Korea, after-sale service and support. Hyundai L&C (Shanghai) will consistently offer Chinese consumers high-quality products and contribute to the development of China’s building material industry.